May. 21st, 2017

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Here's the Masterlist for Prompt #2: Rainy Days!

[personal profile] ashiiblack  wrote Sweet Words Take Hold (Victor/Chris) PG
Summary: Chris has to tell Viktor how he feels.

[personal profile] shades_of_hades  drew Under my Umbrella (Victor/Yuuri) PG
Artist's notes: In my head, Yuuri has just picked Viktor up from the bar after he got a drunken phone call and Viktor is loudly telling him all the dirty things he's going to do to Yuuri when they get home. Except that Viktor is probably going to pass out. Whatever.

[personal profile] annabeth_roses  wrote Of Drunken Viktors and Lost Umbrellas (Victor/Yuuri) NC-17
Summary: Yuuri and Viktor under an umbrella in the rain. Based on Under my Umbrella by [personal profile] shades_of_hades 

[personal profile] prillalar  wrote The Worst Part (Otabek/Yuri) NC-17
Summary: After Worlds, Otabek and Yuri's sightseeing plans are rained out so they're stuck in Otabek's hotel room. Yuri has one question for Otabek.

[personal profile] annabeth_roses  wrote Neither timid nor tame (Victor/Yuuri) PG-13
Summary: It's the second to last day in Beijing, it's raining, and Yuuri's mood is about as gloomy as the weather.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in Weekly Challenge #2: Rainy Days!  All these entries were awesome! If anybody else feels inspired, these are open challenges, so new entries can be added even if we've already moved on to a new challenge. You can also combine prompts if you feel so inclined.

Tired mod is really sorry that this masterlist was posted so late! My week has been a bit crazy. Don't forget about challenge #3 Hair Combing!


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