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Weekly Prompt Challenge! Catch-up Week!

Hello all! Your mods have decided that this week is a "catch-up" week for our weekly challenges. Just as a reminder, here is a list of all of the prompts we had in May. Next Wednesday, we will post a master list for all works created for prompts #1-4.

Prompt # 1
Image result for picture of tequila

Prompt # 2


Prompt # 3


Prompt # 4

  • New challenges will be posted every Wednesday.
  • All challenge entries must be Yuri!!! on Ice related. Cross-overs are allowed, but the main characters or pairings must be from YOI.
  • Any interpretation of the prompt is valid! You are welcome to create drabbles, fic, art, icons, fanvids, toothpick art, baked goods, whatever. We want it all.
  • All challenges are ongoing. You can post an entry for a past challenge at any time. However, only challenges posted within the weekly and monthly time frame will be listed in the weekly and monthly roundups.
  • Please tag your entries using the appropriate challenge number tag and/or make a note that your entry is for the challenge number you wrote for. If you post your entry on AO3, please add it to our AO3 collection: Yurionicefans_Challenges
  • If you have ideas for a new weekly challenge prompt, message the mod account with ideas or reply to this post.
  • Good luck!