Jun. 1st, 2017

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Masterlist for Prompt #3: Hair Combing!

[personal profile] allekha wrote The Magic of Her Locks (Mila/Sara) G
Summary: Sara has trouble with her hair at a competition, and Mila steps in to help.

[personal profile] ashiiblack wrote Tangled (in You) (Otabek/Yuri) PG-13
Summary: Otabek helps Yuri brush his hair.

[personal profile] annabeth_roses wrote Very Thick and Shiny (Victor/Yuuri) PG
Summary: Viktor brushes Makkachin. Yuuri wants to know... if he can comb Viktor's hair.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in Weekly Challenge #3: Hair Combing! All these entries were awesome! If anybody else feels inspired, these are open challenges, so new entries can be added even if we've already moved on to a new challenge. You can also combine prompts if you feel so inclined.
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Author: [personal profile] annabeth_roses

Title: Quick & Dirty Madness
Pairing(s): Otabek/Yuri
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s)/contains: underage. finger-fucking. barebacking. precome-as-lube. underage drinking. rimming. felching. snowballing. come-swapping (this time I mean each other's). explicit language. explicit underage sex.
Word count: 3467
Summary: After "That Skate", Otabek and Yuri attend the banquet... and then they sneak off into a coat closet.
(Filthy porn.)
Notes: spoilers for Welcome to the Madness. This is just filthy, self-indulgent porn, with 300% more kinks due to [personal profile] shades_of_hades (also responsible for the awesome beta).

Entries on my journal are now f-locked. Comment to be added! Or AO3 is still unlocked.


Title: Summer Storms
Pairing(s): Viktor/Yuuri
Rating: PG
Warning(s)/contains: nothing but schmoop.
Word count: 494
Summary: Thunder wakes up Makkachin.
Notes: written for the June summer bingo challenge at [community profile] fffc for the square "summer storm" (my title is so original, hah.) You can find my card here

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Hello all! Your mods have decided that this week is a "catch-up" week for our weekly challenges. Just as a reminder, here is a list of all of the prompts we had in May. Next Wednesday, we will post a master list for all works created for prompts #1-4.

Prompt # 1
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Prompt # 2


Prompt # 3


Prompt # 4

Rules )
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Title: no excuses (will pass these lips)

Author: xianvar/[personal profile] kephiso
Pairing(s): Mila/Sara
Rating: T
Warning(s)/contains: Pre-Slash
Word count: 2013
Summary: Mila still has a letter from her ex-boyfriend, and Sara helps her deal with it appropriately.
Notes: Finally finished this! :D So glad to have posted something that is not pure-smut ^^.
Find it: AO3 | FF.net


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