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May Masterlist Challenges 1-4

Masterlist for May Challenges: 1-4

Challenge #1: Tequila!

[personal profile] ashiiblackwrote View From the Bed (Victor/Chris) NC-17
Summary: When JJ goes out drinking with Chris and Viktor, he didn't count on watching them get each other off afterward, nor did he count on enjoying it.

[personal profile] darkageswrote Soft, Low, Sweet, Plain (Victor/Yuuri) M
Summary: A night off, two rival secret agents, and a bottle of tequila.

[personal profile] roviowrote Savage Water of Sorcery (Christophe/Yuuri) NC-17
Summary: Chris needs to make up for his horrifying faux pas in every way he can think of, and he's going to start with getting Yuuri off so good he'll forget the whole incident.

Challenge #2: Rainy Days!

[personal profile] ashiiblack wrote Sweet Words Take Hold (Victor/Chris) PG
Summary: Chris has to tell Viktor how he feels.

[personal profile] shades_of_hades drew Under my Umbrella (Victor/Yuuri) PG
Artist's notes: In my head, Yuuri has just picked Viktor up from the bar after he got a drunken phone call and Viktor is loudly telling him all the dirty things he's going to do to Yuuri when they get home. Except that Viktor is probably going to pass out. Whatever.

[personal profile] annabeth_roses wrote Of Drunken Viktors and Lost Umbrellas (Victor/Yuuri) NC-17
Summary: Yuuri and Viktor under an umbrella in the rain. Based on Under my Umbrella by [personal profile] shades_of_hades

[personal profile] prillalar wrote The Worst Part (Otabek/Yuri) NC-17
Summary: After Worlds, Otabek and Yuri's sightseeing plans are rained out so they're stuck in Otabek's hotel room. Yuri has one question for Otabek.

[personal profile] annabeth_roses wrote Neither timid nor tame (Victor/Yuuri) PG-13
Summary: It's the second to last day in Beijing, it's raining, and Yuuri's mood is about as gloomy as the weather.

Challenge #3: Hair Combing!

[personal profile] allekha wrote The Magic of Her Locks (Mila/Sara) G
Summary: Sara has trouble with her hair at a competition, and Mila steps in to help.

[personal profile] ashiiblack wrote Tangled (in You) (Otabek/Yuri) PG-13
Summary: Otabek helps Yuri brush his hair.

[personal profile] annabeth_roses wrote Very Thick and Shiny (Victor/Yuuri) PG
Summary: Viktor brushes Makkachin. Yuuri wants to know... if he can comb Viktor's hair.

Challenge #4: Music!

[personal profile] ashiiblack wrote Aftershocks (Otabek/Yuri) NC-17
Summary: Otabek disappears immediately after Yuri's exhibition skate. Yuri goes to find out why, but they don't do a whole lot of talking.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the first four challenges whether it be by writing, creating art, reading, or commenting! Everything created for the comm was wonderful! We look forward to see what will be created for the next challenges.

Don't forget about challenge #5: coffee. There are still a few days left before the next prompt is announced. We haven't had any entries yet, so if you have any coffee related bunnies running around, new or old, feel free to share. = D

♥ your mods,

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