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Fic: the north wind (i love you, malcontent)

Title: the north wind (i love you, malcontent)
Author: [personal profile] moetushie
Pairing(s): Katsuki Yuuri/Yuri PlisetskyVictor Nikiforov & Yuri PlisetskyVictor Nikiforov/Yuri Plisetsky
Rating: Mature
Warning(s)/contains: CNTW
Word count: 1082
Summary: Victor blew into Yuri’s life like the North Wind, stealing the breath from his lips.
Notes: Written for SASO 2017, Bonus Round 1.5: AUs.

Read on AO3
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Yay! I finally get to make a Victor/Yuri pairing tag. That's an amazing prompt and I can't wait to read this. = D