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Name:Yuri!!! on Ice Fans
Location:Hastesu, Japan
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Community description:A community for all fans of Yuri!!! on Ice

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Hello! Welcome to [community profile] yurionicefans, a community for all Yuri!!! on Ice fans. This is a writing/fanart/discussion/meta community for all things Yuri!!! on Ice. All ships, ratings, and genre are welcome here: slash, het, femmeslash, and gen.

Please feel welcome to post your stories, art and graphics, meta, recs, and anything else that is YOI related. Membership to the community is open and for all the users coming from lj or tumblr, don't forget to subscribe to the comm as well as join.

An official rules/guidelines post can be found here. When posting fic/art, use one of the headers below and put your post under a cut. You can edit the headers as needed. If you don't know how to make a cut, click here.

Fic Template

Art Template

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the mods or email us.

Creator: [personal profile] icicle33
Current mods: [personal profile] ashiiblack and [personal profile] icicle33

Please join our sister comm [community profile] yurionice_fest where we will hold a Yuri!!! on Ice fest later this year.


[community profile] victurio
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[community profile] yu_yu_hakusho

If you want to affiliate with our comm, let us know.

We also have a mirror comm on lj [ profile] yurionicefans

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♦ Layout Codes by [personal profile] dee and [personal profile] erinptah ♦ Comm Main Header by [ profile] yabokuz ♦ Comm Main Header Art by [ profile] crowske
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