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HERE at my journal. Also on my journal is a link to a download for my screencaps that I made & used.
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Author: [personal profile] annabeth_roses

Title: Quick & Dirty Madness
Pairing(s): Otabek/Yuri
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s)/contains: underage. finger-fucking. barebacking. precome-as-lube. underage drinking. rimming. felching. snowballing. come-swapping (this time I mean each other's). explicit language. explicit underage sex.
Word count: 3467
Summary: After "That Skate", Otabek and Yuri attend the banquet... and then they sneak off into a coat closet.
(Filthy porn.)
Notes: spoilers for Welcome to the Madness. This is just filthy, self-indulgent porn, with 300% more kinks due to [personal profile] shades_of_hades (also responsible for the awesome beta).

Entries on my journal are now f-locked. Comment to be added! Or AO3 is still unlocked.


Title: Summer Storms
Pairing(s): Viktor/Yuuri
Rating: PG
Warning(s)/contains: nothing but schmoop.
Word count: 494
Summary: Thunder wakes up Makkachin.
Notes: written for the June summer bingo challenge at [community profile] fffc for the square "summer storm" (my title is so original, hah.) You can find my card here

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Title: No Mercy
Author: [personal profile] annabeth_roses
Pairing(s): Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s)/contains: underage, barebacking, language, semi-public sex.
Word count: 545
Summary: redacted!
Notes: spoilers for Welcome to the Madness.

Entries on my journal are now f-locked. Comment to be added! Or AO3 is still unlocked.

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 So at basically any minute now Welcome to the Madness will be shared online. There is already a description by denkimouse on twitter here for anyone who is down with spoilers (I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF).

Discussion? For those who have read the spoilers and seen THE SCREENCAP (just search Welcome to the Madness on tumblr and you'll find it) what are your thoughts?


Here's a link to the full video (quality slightly better than the one in the comments)
Welcome to the Madness

Here's a translation of the first few pages of the manga that comes with the purchase of all six DVDs - Here


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